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Loyal First Books Releases Thought-Provoking Ebook

Loyal First Press has released through Amazon/Kindle a powerful and thought-provoking short collection of essays entitled “Strength To Be Human” by future science writer and Christian bioethicist Mark Antony Rossi.

“Strength To Be Human” clearly demonstrates the dangerous impact of Science and Religion partnered with reckless Technology. Humanity is at a crossroad and needs to decide if it wants to remain free and vital or forever altered by medical enhancements and spiritual deceptions. Rossi bravely maps out an ethical path to personal freedom. <strong>About Mark Antony Rossi</strong> Mark Antony Rossi is author of several titles include “The Intruder Bulletins: The Dark Side of Technology” a major bioethics paperback and ebook that is highly popular colleges and Latin America after the Spanish-language version was released. He lobbied against Human Cloning Research was congratulated by then President George HW Bush for his ethical writings and principled stand. A USAF combat veteran Rossi devotes much time to supporting veteran causes in his community. <strong>Book Information:</strong> http://markantonyrossi.jigsy.com http://www.amazon.com Media Interviews: Sy Albright loyalfirstbooks@gmail.com

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